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Meath County Council launch shopfront design guidelines- Boyne dental featured as an example.

  • By Cooney Architects

Meath County Council launch shopfront design guidelines- Cooney Architects project, Boyne dental is featured as an example.


Encouraging Contemporary Design
The design approach to a new shopfront should provide a
contemporary architectural expression relevant to the context,
character and tradition of the area, the character of the individual
street and of the building itself.
To date there have been relatively few examples of good quality
modern shopfront design in the county. Where good examples occur
they tend to be crisp, simple and streamlined. While less ornate than
their traditional counterparts, the more successful designs comprise
strong frameworks which draw inspiration from the traditional forms
of good shopfront design.
The traditional shopfront concept has survived because it works. The
key to good contemporary design is an emphasis on fine detailing.”

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See attached PDF for new Guidelines Shopfronts Guidelines

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