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Cloughvalley, Monaghan Cloughvalley, Monaghan

Cloughvalley, Monaghan

Houses at Cloughvalley, Monaghan

In August 2010, Cooney Architects, acting as Employers Representative, completed all stage 2 to Stage 5 procedures for the Monaghan County Council Cloughvalley Housing Project.

  • Demolition of existing houses, refurbishment on an existing house and construction of 22.
  • Highly energy efficient, single and two-storey dwellings.
  • The housing units are located on a tight site outside the centre of the town.
  • Passive design techniques, high levels of insulation, healthy building materials, air-tightness, and blower door test etc.
  • Houses achieved an energy rating of A3


Reference: Lorcan MacCinna (Executive Engineer, Housing Section, Monaghan County Council)

“Cooney Architects very professional in-house team combined with your unique hands-on approach and excellent project management skills when dealing with the contractor and other design team members resulted in this exceptionally complex infill housing project being delivered within budget and to the immense satisfaction of the client and occupiers”